Brittany Watkins
  • 2 Monthly Lessons - with Brand NEW never-shared-before tapping classes
  • 3 Clearing/Q&A calls - Laser coaching and ancestral healing sessions
  • Inner Circle Tapping App - Clear any issue day/night and program in new positive beliefs
  • New Eating Strategy Training - never feel confused about what or how to eat again
  • PDF Summaries of Each New Lesson Plan
  • Weekly/Daily Planner - plan for YOU first, and then your day
  • Sample Eating Strategy Meal Examples - healthy meals to keep you balanced all day
  • Exercise Advice and Tips from MY Mentor - exercise hacks for fat loss
  • Supplement Advice and Tips - The BEST thyroid and metabolism booster- I've tested over 500!
  • Think and Thin 6 Week program - All modules, PDFs, videos and audio classes easily accessible inside the Tapping App.
  • Think and Thin 6 Week program, Tapping ONLY - All the best tapping from the 6 week program easily accessible in the tapping app.
  • Bonus Classes with my Mentors - meet MY mentors
  • Buddies! Meet your new tapping bestie and potentially make a friend for life!
  • Private Facebook Page - Connect with hundreds of other women on this journey with you
Inner Circle LIVE ONLY
  • Two of Three Live Retreats in the year 2018 Locations Include: Riviera Maya, Mexico, Los Angeles, California and Dallas, Texas
Inner Circle

Inner Circle

Inner Circle LIVE

includes 2 Live Workshops

Hey Brittany, I just can't go to bed before telling you how incredible your work is. It just brings me to tears to think about what you have done with your life and how you are changing lives around the world. You are a warrior, a pioneer who by trial and error, hard work and diligence have come up with something that really works to transform lives. I just can't express enough how grateful I am to you. I appreciate all the time and energy you invest in me, your patience with me, and your constant encouragement to me. I am just so very grateful.
I invite you, if you’re ready to savor your food enough to permanently lose weight, celebrate and partner with your incredible body, and be in charge of your emotional well-being, sign up for Brittany’s program today. Your yummy life is waiting!
I stopped binging and I didn't have a problem saying "No thank you". I faced my biggest trigger this weekend who is my father, did some echo tapping and was able to buy an iced coffee instead of binging on junk food. My buddy (whom I've never met face to face) became my closest ally!
Your course has been one of the best things I've ever done in my life; Brittany you have helped me shift out of so many negative patterns and beliefs and I live in a much happier, peaceful place now. I have so many "tools" to use that I know work for me. I want you to know that no matter what, I will continue my journey and my learning with you... you are awesome and so gifted!
For the first time in a VERY long time I ordered Mahi Mahi (sauce on the side) and steamed veggies at a restaurant last feeling of deprivation and no rebellion AND it was DELICIOUS!! Plus, I only ate about 1/2. Thanks so much Brittany and my amazing buddy. I finally feel free and I am on my way!
It has just been absolutely amazing how much less interested in food I am. I’m just totally blown away. All my clothes are getting too loose I mean I’ve even had to move my bra strap tighter.