Inner Circle - Brittany Watkins
For Women

12 Months of BRAND NEW Tapping for Emotional Eating, Self Sabotage, Self Care, Body Image, Low Self Esteem, Overwhelm, Boundaries and MUCH more.


The Tapping App! Tap-a-long Audios at your fingertips to help you stay on track!

Inner Circle LIVE gives you the option to Join Me for weekend retreats in Dallas, Los Angeles, or Riviera Maya, Mexico.

What Is The Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle offers you a year of everything you need to finally conquer emotional eating for good. You want to make peace with your body so you can finally step out in the world and be who you know you were born to be, the very best version of yourself.

You want to feel comfortable in your own skin and authentically satisfied with not just your body, but your whole life... and you know you can’t do it alone.

Based on more than 20 years of research on self-sabotage, weight loss, and emotional eating, the Inner Circle is the most comprehensive blueprint for clearing your core issues, so you can break free from emotional eating forever and feel confident and sexy in your body—and do it with the support of a close-knit, caring community.

No more feeling insecure about what to wear. No more fantasizing about food. No more lonely nights at home...

Here's how it works

Two New Tapping Modules each Month

This is the foundation of the Inner Circle - Twice per month you’ll receive a new lesson to help you stop food addiction, cravings, self-sabotage, negative body image, poor boundaries, self care, and much more.

We’ll be diving deeper into the Think and Thin techniques and I'll be introducing brand new never-been-taught-before techniques I’ll ONLY share with my Inner Circle Members.

I’ll also introduce you to Creation Work - where you’ll begin to practice (with the help of the app) new stories, belief systems and ways of seeing yourself. These powerful tapping meditations work like brain entrainment to upgrade your inner identity- THIS (in addition to the clearing work) is how you become a fit, healthy, happy person who loves her body and stays that way, repetition is key, and this APP will make that easy. :-)

Each lesson will be 30-60 minutes long and you’ll be able to watch it anytime at your leisure.


Three Live Clearing Sessions Per Month

Three LIVE calls to tap and clear anything the lessons bring up for you. I'll be using my Advanced Clearing Techniques I’ve previously only used with my private 1-1 clients. These sessions are SO powerful, I’ve always wanted to make it available to more people at an affordable price. Each call will be 60-90 minutes long at different times to suit everyone's timezone. You’ll be able to join online via Video Conference, or dial-in with your cell or landline telephone.

Q and A


Each call includes time for Q&A. Ask me questions or tell me what you’re struggling with so that I can create tapping scripts just for YOU!


Integration week

The last week of the month we won’t have any calls to give you time and space to catch up and integrate all the teachings of the month.

The Clearing Sessions are when things really change

No matter what is going on in your life, emotional eating, self-sabotage, trouble in your relationships, anxiety, depression, you’ll have an opportunity to clear it in these sessions.

It’s been said these sessions are like 10 years of therapy in 30 minutes. Once you understand this sort of work, you’ll realize that it solves problems that nothing else will.

Often I’ll be working with a specific set of angels to heal wounds from your adult life and childhood, and sometimes even ancestral wounds too.

It has now been scientifically proven that memories are passed through DNA, meaning whatever they went through was passed on to you.

You’ll be doing healing work for your family and everyone you’re close with. As you shift, you’ll notice them shifting too.

New App
Via our brand NEW Inner Circle TAPPING APP (we’re getting tech savvy!)
With easy access to NEW Tap-A-Long Audios each month!
New App

There will be TONS of Tap-A-Longs organized in TWO different ways!

New App

One section will be for CLEARING, Tap-A-Longs to help you eliminate whatever issue you’re struggling with: cravings, emotional eating, stress, etc…

The other will be CREATION, Tap-A-Longs – these work like Brain Entrainment which will help reprogram your mind to reinforce the goals you’re working on – Success, confidence, a healthy body, happiness, motivation to exercise, self-love… etc

If I learned anything in my last few years, it’s that accountability is KEY.

But many dieters have HUUUGE blocks to consistency (which I discovered a SUPER easy tapping fix for)

The Inner Circle Tapping APP will help you clear these blocks and give you a fun, easy, accountability system and supportive community to ensure you stay on track.

One of the secrets to changing your body and your life is to build a new identity for yourself. These creation Tap-A-Longs will help you start identifying as a slim, healthy, confident successful woman! Yay!

I’ll also be taking feedback from you and creating Tap-A-Longs to help you clear whatever issues you’re struggling with.


No matter what your problem is

  • Craving sweets
  • A bad day
  • Stress
  • Overwhelm
  • You want to eat emotionally
  • Feeling lonely
  • Body shaming
  • Not motivated to exercise

You’ll have me in your pocket walking you through a Tapping Script to clear that issue and instill new healthy, positive affirmations to change your vibe and mindset for the day.

I’ll ALSO share ALL my food and exercise HACKS – with YOU specifically in mind.

Want to discover how to love your body, AND get amazing results?

There’s a lot I do in addition to tapping to keep my body in great shape. These are MY BIGGEST HACKS, SECRETS & TRICKS I use and I will be sharing these strategies ONLY with my Inner Circle Members.

You see if you’ve ever struggled with an eating disorder (which you wouldn’t be reading this if you haven’t)

You probably know it’s not healthy for you to follow a “meal plan.”

I’m sure every single meal plan you’ve tried, you hated and gave up on eventually…

Also, if you’re in your late 30’s, 40’s or 50’s your body is changing hormonally…

You can’t take advice from a 20-year-old fitness guru – what works for her, won’t necessarily work for you…

Being in my late 30’s I can tell you it’s much harder to lose weight now than it was in my 20’s.

And as you age, this does get harder because of our changing hormones.

But (true to my nature) I found a hack – it works with your hormones to kick them out of fat storage mode and into fat burning mode – it isn’t always easy, but it takes less than an hour and doing it three times per week will give you amazing results.

Inner Circle Live
Los Angeles, California
September 28th – 30th 2018
Los Angeles, California
Dallas, Texas
January 18th – 20th 2019
Dallas, Texas
Riviera Maya, Mexico
April 5th – 7th 2019
Riviera Maya, Mexico

You’ll have the option of coming to 2 of 3 weekend retreats in the year – you pick which ones suit your schedule and location needs.

The 2 1/2-day workshop will be included in the price of this program, flights and accommodations will be yours to cover.

This is where we’ll do a LOT of deep healing and clearing work… Doing this work in person SIGNIFICANTLY MAGNIFIES the shifts. As I’ve been creating the curriculum for these workshops, I can honestly say you’ll leave each retreat a new person.

" These will be available LIVE STREAM if you can’t make the event but still want to participate in the healings. "


How is the Inner Circle Different?


The Foundational Tools:

The Techniques taught in Think and Thin like Ball of Light, Push the Food Away, Echo Tapping And the Self Sabotage work will continue to be used in the Inner Circle. These are foundational tools for overcoming food and weight issues, and I’ll be expanding on how to use them in MANY more ways in the Inner Circle.



You’ll have 3 live video calls with me per month - LIVE LIVE, not aired live. Each call will be filled with tapping, new tips and strategies, you’ll LOVE these calls! All lessons will be recorded and available in the member’s area the following day. You can connect to the classes via Live Video Conference call or Dial-in access.


Brand New Eating Strategy:

This is an ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER, I made some tweaks to my Naturally Slim Eating plan. It takes ALL the guesswork out of eating and allows your body to relax around food. I'll show you how to trust yourself, build self-esteem and confidence, ALL WHILE EATING! It’s NOT a diet plan, you can still eat whatever you want, with just a few NEW suggested guidelines. (this strategy alone has helped many of my private clients stop eating emotionally without even tapping!)


Creation Work:

This is probably the most important piece – one of my biggest discoveries as of late which is: diet and exercise alone won’t stick unless you change how you view yourself. Focusing only on clearing issues can reinforce your struggle with food and weight. This is why the Inner Circle will have an app with Instant access to audios (me in your pocket) with powerful tapping meditations that work like brain entrainment you’ll use every day. THIS is how you become a fit, healthy, happy person who loves her body and stays that way, repetition is key, and this APP will make that easy.

New Tapping Statagies

New Tapping Strategies:

I’m going to share some BRAND NEW TAPPING techniques I’ve been experimenting with and having great results. Tapping on issues like: Self Care, Stepping Into your Feminine, Body Image Issues, Low Self Esteem, Hidden Disempowering Stories, Self Sabotage, Poor Boundaries, Emotional Eating, Mother Hunger and family trauma, stress and of course you’ll have Tap-a-Longs in the app to reinforce the lessons and new changes throughout the month.

Coaching At Your Fingertips:

New App-based software allows you to click a button on your phone and get a Tap-A-Long Audio instantly. Not everyone can afford private coaching, and it can be hard to choose to tap – but with this app, any problem you have – food cravings, emotional eating, stress, overwhelm, frustration, just pull out your phone, click on the app and you’ll have a 3-15 minute audio tapping exercise to change the problem instantly.

LIVE Group Coaching with me:

If you know my work you know that I developed my own techniques to conquer food addiction. These techniques are SUPER effective, and sometimes you need guidance on how to use them. Every week you’ll have a chance to ask your questions on our group calls or in our private facebook page.

Nutrition Advice and Recipes:

I want to share ALL of my secrets with you – Including WHAT I EAT! So in the Inner Circle, you’ll get my best nutrition hacks and new yummy recipes that are super easy. Also, advice on how to eat each meal whether you’re cooking or eating out.

Exercise Suggestions:

With so many different strategies out there, I was confused about this for YEARS! But I finally discovered a HACK that helps with fat loss which doesn’t take too much time – only Inner Circle Members will get access to this!


Most people have an issue with consistency, and it’s extremely important if you want to change anything in your life. We’ll be tapping on this, of course; you’ll also have an easy to stick to plan to check in with your fellow inner circle students to support each other in staying on track with the program.

Day Planner:

Morning rituals are the BEST way to start your day; the Inner Circle comes with a daily planner to help you schedule your day with YOU first in mind. I’ll share how to plan your day around YOU FIRST, rather than trying to fit self-care around everything else.

Life Hacks:

No one teaches us how to schedule our day, tasks and time. Often, women just end up making a HUGE to do list they never finish and go to bed feeling guilty they didn’t do enough. LIFE HACKS are my specialty! I want to teach you NEW strategies to manage your time and stop feeling so overwhelmed.

Meet My Mentors:

I’ve had the most amazing mentors in the past few years and I want to introduce them to my Inner Circle Members. Each month, I’ll interview them via a live video call and pass their genius onto you! These teachers have been my inspiration and I know you’ll love meeting them too.

BONUS: My Personal Tricks to Make Fat Loss Easier

My Secret Supplement that will boost your Thyroid and Metabolism so much that fat loss will become A LOT easier – I’ve tested more than 500 supplements and I’ve been using this for more than a year now, and it’s seriously THE BEST EVER.

A Morning Drink with Ingredients you already have in your kitchen to keep you balanced, digesting meals and free from potential sickness and diseases like cancer, diabetes and tumors.

Stubborn Fat Loss Device that costs less than 10 dollars and helps free your fat cells from stubborn areas (I totally love this thing for my stubborn areas, I feel so much better in a bathing suit and there’s a LOT of health benefits from this too!).

Think and Thin 6-Week program - All modules, PDFs, videos and audio classes easily accessible inside the Tapping App.

Think and Thin 6 week program, Tapping ONLY - Jump in and start tapping without listening to the class. All the best tapping from the 6 week program easily accessible in the tapping app.

The Inner Circle Commitment

The Inner Circle was created for the woman who is tired of the quick fix. You understand that for change to truly last a lifetime, it requires constant attention, focus, and a mentor you trust to show you the way. This, along with a supportive community cheering you on, is a recipe for success. Tapping and my hacks make this WAY faster and easier than doing it on your own, but for your changes to really stick and last, a 12-month commitment to the Inner Circle is ideal.

Here’s a fraction of what we’ll cover over the next 12 months in the Inner Circle

*sample curriculum

You’ll get Audio’s in the Inner Circle Tapping App to accompany these lessons and reinforce the new teachings.

Never Feel Confused About Food Again, the “New and Improved Naturally Slim Eating Plan” this strategy alone has helped MANY of my clients STOP eating emotionally without even tapping!

Activate your Feminine Power – Brand New 2nd Chakra Healings to help you eat less, love and appreciate your body, feel more alive, have better relationships and become an attraction magnet!

Healing your Relationship with your Body – I’ll show you how to stop hating your body. Your Brain has been programmed to always see the negative every time you pass a mirror! BUT there’s good news; it’s easy to reprogram with BRAND NEW Tap-a-Long audios and brain entrainment.

Self-Care Becomes Easy – I discovered the secret to healing self care issues (this was a HUGE part of my success) – these sessions will have you automatically setting better boundaries and effortlessly saying NO to others, making it easier to say YES to yourself.

Re-Write your Self-Sabotage Story – There’s a new way to overcome self sabotage and this lesson will show you how.

Creating your New Identity – By FAR the most important part of your journey is to reprogram the way you see yourself. You CAN be the thin, healthy, successful person that LOVES HERSELF! There will be LOTS of lessons on how to do this throughout the program.

Heal Your Mother Hunger (or father hunger) – We all had needs that our parents didn’t meet, healing from these wounds is probably the most profound work you can do. I’ll guide you through deep healing sessions to help you make peace with the past.

Tapping for the Empath – Most emotional eaters are empathic to some degree, some know this about themselves, others don’t. In this module, you’ll tap to heal this, so outside energy no longer affects you.

Stress Relief – We are all stressed on a daily basis, and stress management skills can be hard to implement. You’ll discover new ways to manage your stress. The Inner Circle app will give you stress relief techniques at your fingertips any time you need a quick clearing, just open your phone and I’ll be there

How to become the best version of yourself – I spent the better part of last year researching the best ways to form a new habit, that actually stick, and there’s ONE simple thing you need to understand about habits and THIS one thing alone can change everything. I’ll share this, and other tips with you throughout the program.

Sample meals, super easy fast recipes and tons of tips and tricks for people who don’t like cooking (I don’t either!).

Fat Loss Workouts for the Evolving Woman – Workout HACKS for women in their late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s to kick your hormones into gear and out of fat storage mode.

Power Of Community

All of my programs give students a sense of community and the Inner Circle is no exception. Not only because everything is more fun with friends, but because doing this work in a group setting supercharges your results.

The Buddy System

We designed this program to make sure you never feel alone. As you’ve probably experienced in other weight loss programs, it can be easy to fall behind and give up. Inner Circle has a built-in “buddy system” that keeps everyone on track and accountable. Emotional eating can be lonely, but now it doesn’t have to be. With the buddy system, you always have a friend to turn to, and a huge community of women who wouldn’t think you were weird if they saw you sitting in a corner talking to yourself and hitting your face. Priceless :-) Plus…

Buddies are Friends Forever

This has been one of the most exciting and unexpected triumphs of our programs. Buddies become so close, they actually end up flying to other states and countries just to spend time with each other.

"The intuition that my buddy and I have is like a conduit between California and Tennessee. We kind of chuckle and think, ‘How in the world did we ever get teamed up?’ We’ve synced well and work really hard for each other, and have had good success.” – Nikki

“Really and truly, it was right from the get-go… we connected… we’re sisters now. It’s been really, really good and really supportive. I’m just a different person now.” – Debbie

I have never experienced anything like this, in terms of support, from anything I’ve ever done to help myself. It’s this amazing connectedness with some really, really incredible people from all over the world.” – Lindy

“It has been so impactful to me to be able to share personally and to get support from my buddy. It’s made the shifting and the moving so much deeper, so much more permanent than anything I’ve ever worked on before on my own.” – Renee

Much more then Weight Loss

This IS a program about weight loss and emotional eating, but it also makes everything else in your life better.

That may seem like a bold claim, but that’s what our students report. Problems that are seemingly unrelated to weight seem to fall away with the extra pounds.

“My digestion’s better, my stomach’s better, my skin looks better, everything just feels so much better. My marriage went from nearly ending to thriving.” – Katrina, Think and Thin grad

I have been a hoarder of clothes for years. And after we did this process I have been releasing clothes easily, without any emotion attached to it.” – Brenda, Think and Thin grad, lost 55 lbs

“I went to the cardiologist for a check-up and my numbers are really good. The cholesterol’s dropped and the blood pressure is very normal. I am thrilled. It’s all without medication.” – Nikki, Think and Thin grad, lost 10 lbs

I don’t have anxiety. I lived with it and I didn’t even know. I smile now, more, but better than that I notice that people smile at me. It’s like my vibration has changed and the way people treat me is completely different.” – Debbie, Think and Thin grad, overcame medical weight gain

“Adding tapping to my toolkit has really helped me professionally. I have become even more educated about how our energy, thoughts, behaviors and emotions work together. Clients’ compliments about our really helpful sessions have increased.” – Marge, Think and Thin grad, lost 30 lbs

The Inner Circle Program Offers Two Levels:

Inner Circle

for women who want all the good stuff – lessons, calls and access to the app and community.

Inner Circle Live

all of the above and two live weekend workshops each year.

Recap of What You Get In the Inner Circle

2 Monthly Lessons with New Tapping Strategies to STOP Emotional Eating and Self- Sabotage, create more self-love, set better boundaries, 2nd chakra healing, healing mother and father hunger, and more.

3 Clearing/Q&A calls per month – Clearings I have previously ONLY done with my 1-1 students – Ancestral healing like 10 years of therapy in 30 minutes. During the Q&A, I’ll help you get clear on where you’re stuck. If you can’t make the calls, we’ll give you a breakdown of the tips and advice that come from these calls! * I suggest 2 or more calls per month. They will be scheduled at different times of the day to suit everyone’s time zone.

Inner Circle Tapping App – I AM Clearing, And I AM Creating Tap-A-Longs – Craving sweets, a bad day, Stress, Overwhelm, emotional eating, Feeling lonely, Body shaming, Not motivated to exercise. You’ll have a library of options to clear or create anything in your life at the push of a button.

New Eating Strategy Training – A simple shift to the naturally slim eating plan that can allow you to make peace with food without even tapping!

PDF Summaries of Each New Lesson Plan – A recap of what we cover on the lessons in written form.

Weekly/Daily Planner – Each week print off this planner to organize your day around YOU first, before everything else. The planner will be filled with juicy questions to help you tune into how you’re feeling so that you can stay connected all day.

Sample Eating Strategy Meal Examples – Meal Ideas and Suggestions – NOT a MEAL PLAN, just ideas for healthy meals that will keep your body balanced all day.

Exercise Advice and Tips from MY Mentor – You’ll discover exercise hacks from one of the best instructors in the world whose primary focus is helping women in their 40’s and 50’s lose fat.

Supplement Advice and Tips – Boost your Thyroid and Metabolism to keep your body and digestion running properly for long-term health. I’ve tested more than 500 supplements, and I’ll show you MY EXACT routine!

Stubborn Fat Loss Device – Free your fat cells from stubborn areas and experience the health benefits too!

Think and Thin 6 Week program - All modules, PDFs, videos and audio classes easily accessible inside the Tapping App.

Think and Thin 6 week program, Tapping ONLY - All the best tapping from the 6 week program easily accessible in the tapping app.

Bonus Classes with my Mentors – Meet the healers and coaches who have taught me everything I know! They will inspire you too!

Buddies! You’ll get to pair up with buddies (optional) Studying is always more fun with friends! Use this as an accountability system – send a text or set up a call you can tap together (if you are both comfortable with that) or just share where you’re at and your progress.

Private Facebook Page – Only for Inner Circle Members, get support and help from your inner circle sisters that are on this journey with you.

Inner Circle LIVE ONLY

Two of Three Live Retreats in the year 2018 Locations Include: Riviera Maya, Mexico, Los Angeles, California and Dallas, Texas


What’s My Investment?



People often say my programs are worth 10x what they paid for it; this program will be no different.

There are two options depending which you want.

For the first 100 people who join, the Inner Circle is a ONE-Time Investment of $2900.

This includes everything listed above.

Inner Circle Geo

And then there’s Inner Circle LIVE

The investment for this is just $5400.

This includes everything above + 2 Weekend Retreats Per Year!

For the first 25 people to join, the investment for this is just $5400.


To make this even more affordable for you, I’ve created an In-House Financing plan…

In-house Financing: To get the most out of this program and solidify the transformations for a lifetime, the inner circle has to be a 12-month program.

You can cancel any time of course, but I wanted to make this affordable for as many women as possible. So I created a monthly payment plan. If you choose to do the monthly payment program for the Inner Circle your investment is just:

$397 per month $247 Per month or $8.23 per day which is roughly the price of one glass of wine, or a movie at the theater.

If you decide to join Inner Circle Live – which includes the 2 weekend retreats per year, then your investment is just $697 per month $497 per month!


So here’s what you do next.

Click the order button of which Investment you want to make and complete your details on the next page. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive an email with your details, invoice, and ultimately how to get started.

The last day to register for this program is March 19th

We begin the training April 3rd.

When you click the button above, you’ll be taken to my secure cart page where all you have to do is enter your regular details and complete your investment today.

Once done, you’ll receive 3 emails:

1. Your invoice

2. Your login details

3. Your instructions on how to get started and get the most out of the inner circle

After you see the login portal so you’ll get access to the Inner Circle App with a few Bonus Audios, you can start using right away.

Because this program is in beta, the first 100 Inner circle members and 25 Inner Circle LIVE members will receive the beta price. (If you still see this price, that means it’s still available.) You can keep that price AS LONG as you’re in the program. If you cancel and want back in, you’ll only have the full price point option.

Inner Circle Investment

Inner Circle

One Time Investment
$ 2900

Payment Plan Option

- Only for the first 100 people to join

$397 Per Month

$247 Per month

* Just $8.23 per day

Inner Circle

One Time Investment
$ 5400

Payment Plan Option

- Only for the first 25 people to join

$697 Per Month

$497 Per month

*Includes 2 weekend Retreats Per Year

The Cost of Saying No

My heart breaks for every emotional eater that doesn’t say YES to this program. I’ve walked in your shoes, and I’ve seen what a transformational shift this can make in a person’s life, how much it has impacted my OWN life…

I want you to think about the cost of NOT joining this program. If someone said to you, “I have a magic wand, and I will cure your emotional eating, make you happier and more successful than you’ve ever imagined, but you have to pay $8.23 per day for it,” would you find a way to get that money?

How much does it COST you to constantly worry about your weight?

  • – How many more nights will you spend at home alone, hiding yourself?
  • – How many more fights will you have with people you love because you don’t feel good about yourself?
  • – How many more hours will you spend THINKING and OBSESSING about food?
  • – How much more time will you spend working at a job that doesn’t fulfill you?
  • – How much longer will you struggle with this problem when help is right in front of your nose?

In these moments, when you’re feeling your worst, would you pay just $8.23 to have freedom? To feel better? To be able to push a button and have me walk you through a tapping exercise to shift your energy in 5-7 minutes?

My guess is you would…

If you choose to say YES to yourself now…

There you’ll be out in the world feeling amazing and doing what you love, spreading your light to everyone you meet.

And when you notice your pants fitting looser or that your chocolate cake has gone stale in the fridge, you’ll stop and smile, recall the incredible journey of 2018 as you confidently welcome your best years yet.

Inner Circle

I hope to “see you” in class!

Lots of love and hugs,


I’m so honored to spend this next year working with you LIVE, it’s the part I LOVE MOST about my job. Opportunities to work with me live are RARE, and I’m not sure when I’ll offer this much support again. So if this is speaking to you, and you want to work with me (for just $8.23 per day VS Think and Thin Advanced $5,000- $18,000) and ME in your pocket at all times via our new Tapping APP, I’d love it if you’d join me.

How much has this struggle cost you? I promise there is a solution, and its right at your fingertips now. I want you to stop feeling lonely and hiding from the world, letting food control your thoughts and your days, working at a job that doesn’t fulfill you, and hating what you see every time you look in the mirror. I used to feel like this too, and it’s NO WAY TO LIVE. You have the potential to be so much more than this! You CAN be FREE! Let me show you how.

They say investing in yourself is one of the smartest investments you can make and I agree 1,000,000%. The opportunities that have opened up and people I’ve met as a result of raising my vibration (through doing this work) have come back to me 100-fold. I know you’ll have this experience too. You can read stories from other students here.

You can take advantage of the Beta Price if you are one of the first 100 members and join Inner Circle today for just $2900 or $247 per month or $8.23 per day. OR if you’re the first 25, you can get 2 weekend retreats with Inner circle LIVE for just $5400 or $497 per month.

Who is Brittany Brittany

I have a passion for fierce, effective, disruptive healing. I started using EFT when I was 15 years old.

After a decade of working with it in therapy and STILL struggling with my weight and emotional eating (although huge changes in other areas of my life), I decided there HAD to be a different way. And so, I started asking my angels for help…

It took another 5 years of asking, struggling, and experimenting but one day, when I was eating emotionally I received a download that changed my life forever. A few minutes later I pushed the food away and did not feel deprived.

That was the birth of Echo Tapping™ (a technique that stops any addictive urge in a few minutes) to heal emotional eating. A video about Echo Tapping went viral; it’s been viewed by almost 2 million women.

My work is not for everyone, it’s INTENSE. I talk about things like sexual abuse, anger, insecurity, women's bodies and other topics that make MOST coaches very uncomfortable.

To me, this is where the magic happens, my motto is “10 years of therapy, in just one session” I'm always looking for a faster, better way for inner growth.

And to you, as my client (or potential client), I bow to you… I can show you my deepest most transformational tools, but YOU, my dear, have to be the one to use them.

You are braver than you know and I salute you with the highest part of my soul.

This quote which is on the statue of liberty often sings into my ear…

“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”